Setting up your Single Point of Truth

Data Cleansing

Verify supplier legal entities, removing duplicates, validating order lines, cleaning and structuring PO data, and much more...

Classification, Enrichment & Clustering

Our cutting-edge classification & clustering algorithms interprets 1000s of inputs to generate accurate supplier categorisation.

It learns from legacy PO data, finding the hiden connections between suppliers and item spend.

Opportunity Assessment

Our supply chain and data science experts analyse out-puts to identify quantified saving and improvement opportunities.


Taking it live

Embedded Visibility & Evidence

Your new central standard for reporting and driving priorities

  • Spend Analytics, Insights & Data Compliance
  • Buyer & Supplier Performance Reporting
  • Dynamic Inventory Rationalisation & Right-size Planning
  • ESG Reporting


Our team has been trusted by great brands.

Mahesh De Zoysa

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Flint

Chief of Product & Co-Founder

Yasar Khan

Chief Financial Analyst

Glen Robinson

Corporate Development Advisor

Dr.Onesun Steve Yoo

Data Science Advisor

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